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Feeling better

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I got some Vicodin, so the pain in my left eye is much abated. I think today will be more productive.

Vision in left eye is noticeably improving. I will see my eye doctor in a month and get my new prescription for eyeglasses. I already have my frame(s) picked out. I can’t wait.

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4 February 2012 at 7:38 am

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Night sweats resolved

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I recently started having night sweats. Those in my mind are filed with “Cancer” because sometime in high school (1956-57ish) I read that night sweats are a sign of cancer. So I saw my doctor and asked. No, they’re not. Some rare types of blood cancer can cause night sweats, but that’s not where you start. (As The Eldest likes to say, “When you hear hoofbeats, first look for horses, not zebras.”)

The doc had me take a single Prilosec at bedtime. No more night sweats. He said that what happens is that the patient gets some acid reflux, but it’s not so high that it can be noticed consciously—e.g., no god-awful taste. But it’s high enough to burn the esophagus, so one’s body starts sweating to cool off, and since no cooling, it sweats more until you wake up drenched.

The Prilosec was, of course, for diagnosis. So, I asked, what do I do? Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime? etc…

He said it’s good to avoid acid foods at night—if I want a bunch of tomatoes, have them at lunch—but the real answer was to elevate the head of the bed six inches, so I’m sleeping on an incline, and gravity keeps the stomach acid where it belongs.

Cool. I thought about it for about 1 minute and realized that this is a common problem, so undoubtedly…. yes, here they are. I thought for a while about supplying the lifters in 4s, but I realized that some would want their bed raised so that it’s easier to get into it and get out of it. But I now have a couple of spare lifters on the way: back-up, I guess.

I thought things might be of general interest. So far as I can see, there’s no reason not to raise the head of the bed by 6″ just on general principles, though from time to time one should rest with legs elevated.

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4 February 2012 at 7:35 am

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First shave with Flat Top

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Above is my (relatively) new flat-top badger brush. The indentation on the side is because I made a test lather when I first got it, and when I put it on the shelf to dry, it was bumping against the brush next door. Now I’m letting it dry (after this morning’s shave) in the open.

It’s an unusual style, an extreme of the fan shape that British shaving brushes favor (unlike the bulb shape the Germans seem to like).

I got quite a good lather using quite a good soap: Yardley, a vintage traditional English soap: tallow-based, I’m sure, triple-milled, lavender-scented. Three passes (I used the iKon OSS because someone said the razor was overpriced and I wanted to check its performance again: extremely nice), alum block, and a dab of balm.

So, what about that brush? First, this sort of thing’s been done before: Charles Roberts once designed a brush for Method Shaving with a similar format:

I’m not sure the idea works. The new brush had a slight animal funk, not bad at all and in fact sort of pleasant—like a new-car smell sort of thing. But the shape did not force the lather to the tips, as I had expected, and as I used the brush I realized that my adaptive unconscious had developed a whole bag of little tricks in the use of the usual brush format, and I did seem to use that big space in the center.

In other words, with this different format, I may have to adjust my technique more than I expected. I would classify this brush as interesting rather than essential, but I do plan to use it more and learn how to wield it. Intriguing idea, at any rate.

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4 February 2012 at 7:25 am

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