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Finally, a shave

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I finally got a shave. A slant bar for a 6-day stubble. Very glad to shave. I note that working with only one eye means the blind spot plays a noticeable role—with two eyes, one never notices.

Saw doctor today who said it’s healing quite nicely, retina all flat. I asked about what activities I could pursue (blogging for example), to which he responded he should look at the operation report. (The doctor today was not the surgeon who did the operation.) So he had not prepared whatsoever for my appointment. I cooled my heels in the chair for five or ten minutes while he located and read the report of my surgery. I was highly displeased: it seemed quite unprofessional, but that’s the way that office operates. When I went in after the initial cataract replacement, the technician doing the eye test had me look at the chart with my left eye. I removed my glasses, and she said, “Please leave your glasses on.” I pointed out that I had just had cataract surgery and the correction in the glasses had nothing at all to do with the new lens just implanted. “Very well,” she said.

So? “Do you want me to leave the glasses on or remove them?” I asked. “Remove your glasses, please.”

What the hell? She had not even glanced at my chart to see whether her request made any sense, just barged ahead without reading (or thinking). I don’t think this office is very good. They seem to operate on assumptions and don’t look at the record. I’m displeased.

OTOH, I’m glad that the results seem to be good. No reading until a week from Friday, so this post is unauthorized. Still, given the loose quality of the medical advice I get there, I think I will risk a post.

I shall return.

Written by Leisureguy

7 March 2012 at 8:00 pm

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