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No blogging = going nuts

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I am going to limit myself to a couple of posts a day, but I really feel the lack of blogging. For one thing, it’s a means for me to explore my thoughts and ideas in public, though is this case the public is small. But it doesn’t need to be large: one just needs the illumination provided by other points of view. I’m working on various posts in my mind, but I fear to sit down at the computer: I think I would get to reading, and that really should wait another week. (I’m typing this with my eyes shut.)

Tuna grub

I’m having to make easy quick dishes, but I still love my template.

1 5-oz can albacore tuna (line-caught: Whole Planet is the brand)
1/4 large sweet onion, chopped (in VeggiChop)
2 handfuls chopped celery from the stash
juice of a Meyer lemon
1 Tbsp true EVOO (California grower-bottled)
1/2 cup cooked converted rice (relatively low glycemic index)
pinch of salt, grinding of pepper

That was pretty good and certainly quick, but I missed my leafy greens target. So after one small serving, I added for the next go-round:

1 Belgian endive, quartered lengthwise, then cut fine cross-ways

Behold: the template embodied!

After another serving I added:

1/2 orange bell pepper, diced
1/2 smallish English cucumber, diced

It continues to be good and is still about the same volume as when I started.

Most people would get the starch by making a tuna salad sandwich, but I avoid bread (and potatoes): bread (as purchased) is extremely high in sodium, and both bread and potatoes spike my blood glucose.

Weight this morning 170.9 lbs, so back on target, but I suspect the rapid weight loss is due to recovery metabolism combined with small meals (for 5 days I just laid in bed on my right side), which ate up weight—and probably much of that was muscle mass: inactivity means muscle not needed, so the body goes to work, clearing out unused stuff. (My body is much better at this than I). I read that under weightlessness, astronauts start losing measurable amounts of bone mass with 12 hours. At any rate, I was not hungry during those days: not doing much but sleeping and listening to books.

This surgery did serve as a wake-up call in any number of ways, and one way is that I see that it is past time for an aggressive ebb in the tide of my possessions. I’m soon going to be unloading stuff—for example, I think all my book collections (Dickens, Trollope, Austen, Shakespeare, Greek tragedians, et al.) will go to the library: these are works that are generally available and don’t get to be sitting on my bookshelves.

More anon.

BTW, I’ve not even turned on Mail, so if you’ve sent me email, the reason you’ve not received a reply is that I cannot read for another week. I groan at the thought of the growing backlog, but so it goes.

UPDATE: Regarding the bread in a tuna salad sandwich: 2 slices of bread is 4 times as much as I would want of a starch in a meal. (1 slice = 1 serving, 2 slices = 2 servings, and I like to eat around 1/2 to 3/4 of a serving: 1/2 slice of bread is plenty, given its glucose stimulation and sodium.)

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8 March 2012 at 7:11 am

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