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First Fitbit merit badge

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Today I climbed 10 flights of stairs (well, 2 flights over and over) and achieved a (pre-set) goal, thus putting a little merit badge on my home page.

Pretty cute, actually. And good only for the day, but of course once you’ve done it, you know it can be done and that it’s (relatively) easy: just as with out-of-class accomplishments, getting an accomplishment predisposes you to getting more: now I want the steps badge, but that’s 10K steps per day—which, as I understand it, is more a marketing ploy by pedometer manufacturers than solid scientific findings—those generally state the required walk in terms of duration rather than steps: 30 min daily at a moderate pace, for example. That would probably be as easy to program as a step counter, but we’re bound to this (time-consuming) 10K figure. End of rant.

I can definitely see wanting to better, if only by a little, the previous day’s performance (particularly when it’s still easily done). I found the “Historical” tab on the dashboard, so I can see what I did yesterday and where I stand today: useful in avoiding overexertion.

Watching Assassination Games (on Watch Instantly), a Jean-Claude van Damme film, expertly done, so far, with intriguing plot. Shot in eastern Europe (Romania is the claim), it does allow for a smaller budget to have a much bigger impact, and so far the money seems wisely spent. Update: Rather more explicit violence than needed (or desired).

Written by LeisureGuy

15 March 2012 at 1:58 pm

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