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Avocado shaving

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Quite a nice shave today. I experimented by switching out the Wilkinson Sword blade for a new Astra Superior Platinum blade, and indeed today’s shave is marginally better. The ASP blade is one of those that seems better on the second shave, so I’m eager to see how that will affect the shave.

I went all-in on Avocado: TOBS Avocado shaving cream—a regular recommendation to beginners—and another wonderful Thater brush. This brush, though modest in appearance, is an excellent performer. You guys who like badger should have one of these guys in your stable of brushes.

I like the shaving creams available from (and note at the bottom of the page the shaving-cream sampler), and now Al himself has written a post on what goes into a shaving cream.

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30 March 2012 at 7:51 am

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