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Avocado shaving

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Quite a nice shave today. I experimented by switching out the Wilkinson Sword blade for a new Astra Superior Platinum blade, and indeed today’s shave is marginally better. The ASP blade is one of those that seems better on the second shave, so I’m eager to see how that will affect the shave.

I went all-in on Avocado: TOBS Avocado shaving cream—a regular recommendation to beginners—and another wonderful Thater brush. This brush, though modest in appearance, is an excellent performer. You guys who like badger should have one of these guys in your stable of brushes.

I like the shaving creams available from (and note at the bottom of the page the shaving-cream sampler), and now Al himself has written a post on what goes into a shaving cream.

Written by Leisureguy

30 March 2012 at 7:51 am

Posted in Shaving

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  1. Michael,
    I received my new Weber a week ago and it came with an ASP blade. I put in a Feather. This AM I replace with ASP. Real nice shave. Can’t wait for morning for second shave.
    What blades do you like the best? Also what is the eyeglass Company you said you were going to use? I need to get new pair but don’t want to spend next month rent.

    Thanks and hope the eye is doing better.



    30 March 2012 at 11:13 am

  2. The eyeglass company is Upload your photo and you can “try on” the various frames. (You do need to know your interpupillary distance.) See also the Cool Tools review.

    My best blades could be terrible for you, remember: there’s no predicting which blades will work, which is why the sampler packs. That said, I like Astra Superior Platinums, Astra Keramik Platinum, Treet Black Beauty, Gillette 7 O’Clock SharpEdge, Bolzano, Personna 74, Schick Platinum Plus, Swedish Gillettes, Polsilver, Iridium, Wilkinson, Sputnik, Zorro, and doubtless others: quite a few work well for me.

    Eye is much better, but it will be another month before the gas bubble’s gone.



    30 March 2012 at 2:33 pm

  3. OK, so I check out Your Shave 340 to 350 days a year now for almost 3 years and have gone back and read all Your post on this site from day 1, even before You had pictures ,and, I could not get enough. Now I am tired and only have an hour or so before time to rest, and I want to comment. After weighting the situation decide I would be lacking, and do not comment. Everyday for the last month or more it has been hard because I am aware of what You are Living, both shaving and some other. So, I try to keep it shaving. But the Thater brush yesterday drew on me pretty hard as does the Rooney(Super, especially, faux horn small or medium). The head is more pointy than anything I have, so what does that do for me when I am lathering. That is am honest question and befor I look at them it would be really nice to know, because it is probably going to cost me to look.

    I love Your sites and what You do
    Lots of Love and Respect



    30 March 2012 at 5:22 pm

  4. Apologies for spelling.



    30 March 2012 at 5:25 pm

  5. Yeah, that sort of sharply domed shape was disconcerting to me as well, and perhaps why I hadn’t been using them. But now that I’ve used them (and sensitized by Todd O’s brush desiderata), I realize that the domed shape gives a very nice kind of pressure as it splays out, sort of some extra resistance but with soft tips. I really think these brushes are exceptional now on more use (and more paying attention).



    30 March 2012 at 6:26 pm

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