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Test shave for brush technique

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I normally skip the Sunday shave for the pleasure of shaving a two-day stubble Monday morning, but today I shaved to study brush technique. A guy on Wicked_Edge is having some trouble with the brush shown, so I volunteered to shave today to see how I manage it. So a little more detail is in orer.

I showered first, letting the Omega boar brush soak in the sink while I did. Out of the shower, I washed my beard at the sink with MR GLO, rinsed partially with a splash, ran the soaked brush under hot water, pickd up the Proraso soap (which I use seldom: not a big menthol fan), started unscrewing the cap and within minutes discovered one problem: the cap doesn’t unscrew—it’s a snap-off.

Holding the tub of soap (now sans cap) on its side in my left hand over the sink, I took the brush—still chock full of hot water—in my right hand and began brushing the soap vigorously. The surplus water ran into the sink, along with some sloppy lather, and I continued brushing vigorously, letting lather fall away into the sink, for 20 seconds or so, until the brush was fully loaded.

I brought brush to chin, and I observed that I brush side to side. The brush tip stays in gentle but firm contact with my skin: the brush tips never flip free. I went side to side over chin, cheeks, neck, brushing steadily but just side to side. Finally I went over my upper lip and my beard now was coated in lather.

The brush action changed to back and forth and up and down in very short strokes, brushing the lather into my stubble: sort of brushing in place briefly, then moving on to brush in place in another spot. I did do a little circular brushing, but less than I expected. I finished by longer brush strokes, sort of smoothing out the lather. Those little back-and-forth and up-and-down brushings in one place, moving from place to place, seem to work the lather well into my stubble. I take my time in the first lathering to give the stubble time to soften.

The first pass, WTG, went well, and the relathering was again mostly side to side—I didn’t take so long now, since presumably the stubble is pretty softened, but OTOH, I enjoy the activity, so I don’t exactly rush through it—there’s a reason the shave takes 8 minutes instead of (say) 6.

XTG, a splash to rinse, relather, and ATG, then a splash of Proraso.

Exceptionally good shave, if I say it myself, and now off to Toasties for breakfast with The Wife, who has a new handbag on the way from Japan—which is why she’s up at this hour and why the celebratory breakfast.

Written by LeisureGuy

22 April 2012 at 6:35 am

Posted in Shaving

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  1. A celebratory breakfast for a new handbag! Sounds like my wife. 🙂


    23 April 2012 at 5:03 am

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