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Back from shopping

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It’s an enormously beautiful day: clear sky, totally sunny, but the Bay itself is blanketed in fog (common here in the summer) so that the breeze is quite cool—good for walking.

I had bought some more Amontillado sherry, so decided that the Three-Greens Grub should include some of that; recipe at link has been updated. I’m now waiting for some cooking down to happen so I can finish adding greens: red dandelion greens in and half the spinach. Still have other half of spinach (which does cook to nothing) and all the kale—thankfully, a small bunch, but even so may have to cook it separately.

I noticed as I went through the store that various things would catch my eye, and for some reason I started looking for pancetta, but I used a new skill, which now that I think of it, reminds me of when I played a lot of chess over the lunch hour at work. I am a duffer, and make lots of mistakes, but gradually I learned that, before I moved a piece, I should at least check: a) what threat did my opponent’s last move make?; and b) on my own move, can the piece (or pawn) I’m moving be immediately captured from the square to which I’m moving it?; and c) does the piece/pawn I’m planning to move already have a job protecting some other piece? Simply asking those three questions saved me much grief. So now, when I look at some tempting thing in the store, I am able to pause before picking it and go through some sort of internal evaluation: Is this something that would be good for me to eat? Is this something that, once I’ve eaten it, I’ll wish I hadn’t? And if the answers are “no” and “yes” (in that order), I know enough to try to escape the store without buying it. If I can just get out the door, I’m fine.

I did buy one treat I didn’t plan: organic raspberries, $3/box. That passed the test with flying colors, and they will be my afternoon fruit snack.

UPDATE: Grub cooking, and I’m out of fregola sarda now (grub did require it), so ordered some more. I got in all three bunches of greens, helped by the relatively small size of the motley kale (some Lacinato kale, red curly leafed kale, and red Russian kale—shown in photo).

I found on the counter a single baby potato, so that’s in there, playing the role of the silver coin in the Christmas pudding.

This fills the 6-qt wide-diameter pot to the brim. Of course, my natural thought is to get the 8-qt one, but that way madness lies: pretty soon that would also be full to the brim—it’s like freeways: you build them so the traffic won’t be bad, but they attract traffic and pretty soon you’re back where you started. And 6 qts of grub is several days eating, and toward the end one longs for new grub. I don’t like to think about trying to eat 8 qts of grub.

No, I’m sticking with this. But I have to say this batch tastes mighty good, and I’m so pleased at getting in all the three greens.

UPDATE: Just had a full bowl rather than a taste, and damn! this is a fine batch of grub. Three greens is an excellent idea. I didn’t have quite enough fregola sarda to sop up all the liquid, so I added Israeli couscous (more or less fregola sarda without the toasting), and it’s fine. I ordered some whole-wheat Israeli couscous for future use.

Written by LeisureGuy

17 June 2012 at 2:21 pm

Posted in Fitness, Food, Grub

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