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Fitness, walk, and Pilates

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I resume my Pilates today, a duet session with The Wife. I’m looking forward to returning to that. It’s not aerobic (as are the walks), but it definitely helps strength, balance, and flexibility, all important parts of fitness and things that the aging must pay close attention to.

Weight today is down from yesterday’s 185.8 to 184.3. I did finish off about 12 oz of cured ham that I bought along with the duck and pancetta. You’re probably wondering why a guy who’s trying to lose weight would order smoked duck breast, cured ham, and pancetta. I am, too. But it’s gone now, save for the pancetta, which will remain in its wrapping until I arrive at 175 or lower.

I’ve already taken the walk: 5400 steps so far, 20 flights of steps climbed (Fitbit counts each 10′ of ascent as 1 flight). I walk to Pilates as well, and I have to do shopping this afternoon, so comfortably over 6K steps today.

Written by LeisureGuy

22 June 2012 at 10:48 am

Posted in Fitness, Pilates

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