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Interesting: If you make it legal for people to shoot other people, they’ll do it

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The “Stand Your Ground” laws, which allow A to shoot and kill B if A feels he’s in danger, has—surprise!—to to quite a few A’s shooting B’s to death. Could anyone have predicted that? (Hint: Yes. And those who could not predict that should not be permitted to drive or engage in any unsupervised activity.)

Here’s a report by Kay Steiger from Raw Story via AlterNet:

working paper (PDF) released this week with the National Bureau of Economics Research found that states that have passed controversial “Stand Your Ground” laws, such as the one George Zimmerman is using as his defense to charges that he killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida this February, actually ended up seeing more homicides after the laws were passed.

Doctoral student Chandler B. McClellan and Professor Erdal Tekin at Georgia State University decided to test the claim that such laws were “making America safer.”

“Our evidence and certainly some other studies floating around out there find that these laws don’t work in the way they were intended to work,” McClellan said in an interview with Raw Story. “What we do see is a net increase in deaths.”

Passing such laws “with no evidence to back up the logic can lead to unintended results, which is what we see here. We have informed the public policy debate with this,” McClellan said.

Using homicide data from 2006 to 2008, the years after a wave of legislatures passed such laws in 2006, the researchers found that “Stand Your Ground” laws, which provide protection for deadly use of force in self-defense in a public place, results in . . .

Continue reading. And note that some of those killed are by-standers. Firing in fear in a public space apparently is dangerous. And God knows what sort of training those firing have had, if any.

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7 July 2012 at 11:35 am

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