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I got an email this morning from the airline regarding my trip east at the end of September. It was to notify me of a schedule change, and it thoughtfully showed both the original schedule and the revised schedule. The only strange thing was that the dates and times and flight numbers were all the same in the revision as in the original.

Things like that make me uneasy, so I called the contact number and waited through a lengthy litany of options, occasionally paused to offer me the chance to say “more options.” When the list was finally exhausted, not one option was relevant. I did try “Elevate,” thinking that might be how to escalate the call to a human, but it turns out that “Elevate” is their frequent-flier program, and I had to listen to yet another recited list of things I could say to make choices.

I hung up, did a search, and found For my airline, they provided a toll-free phone number, a button to click to get a callback if I wanted to go that route, and also how to get to a human:

Talk to a Human – After prompt, press 0; when asked if you’d like to speak to an agent, say ‘Yes’, then say ‘Reservations’.

Additional information is also provided:

Ranking #1 – The #1 phone number and #1 way to reach customer service according to customers here at GetHuman. Compare all options here: (with a link)
Average Wait: 5 mins  —  24 hours, 7 days

It worked like a charm. I did get one more question—Domestic or Internataional?—and then I was talking to an agent (and learned that the notice was an error, which is what I suspected). Very efficient. Total wait time about 5 seconds.

The page includes three clickable buttons at the bottom to answer “Did this phone number work?”: Yes, No, and Update This Please, so the site provides tools to keep it up to date.

Good site to know.

Written by LeisureGuy

29 July 2012 at 8:00 am

Posted in Business, Daily life

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