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The ugly side of gaming

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This article by Amy O’Leary in the NY Times describes an aspect of on-line gaming of which I was happily ignorant. The breakdown in civility is remarkable to me.

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2 August 2012 at 3:46 pm

Food thoughts

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Steve of Kafeneio has an interesting post in which he comments on weight loss:

Diets and exercise regimes often turn into ‘isms. It’s painful to read the research on obesity and realize that the failure rate is around 98% (98% of people who lose weight regain it and more, within 18 months). It turns out that the 2% who succeed are those who turn dieting and fitness into ‘isms, often to the exclusion of almost all other activities. They become obsessed with their bodies, counting every calorie and gram of fat or carbohydrate, spend hours at the gym, and eventually only associate with others within their “cult” of body worship.

This interested me because I have some experience in this arena, and I don’t fit either of the two categories that he recognizes. First, I have not regained the weight I lost (much less gained more). I did gain 23 lbs from my low, but then simply applied the skills I had learned in the process of losing 80 lbs, and let the weight drop as it will if I eat right and do some walking. As of this morning, I’m at 176.6, down from the 192.9 of 10 May. (Average: 1.36 lbs/week lost. Seems to be the rate I lose.)

I don’t find that I’m obsessed with my body, nor do I count calories or grams of fat or carbohydrates, nor spend hours at the gym. Indeed, I don’t even go to the gym, though I did get Pilates instruction for some months—but that was for strength, flexibility, and balance, not for weight loss.

I have to say that I don’t think I could or would follow the path he describes, but he clearly sees only the two alternatives.

You’ve seen me cook grub: very little measuring, and no calorie counting at all. I guess I do measure when I cook rice—I want the proportion of rice and water right. And I do look how much the protein weighs, since I look for 3-4 oz per meal. And when I eat it, I use a bowl as the measure: one bowl full at lunch, 1-2 bowls at dinner, depending. The oil I use in cooking the grub I now measure by eye, and for a 6-qt batch it looks to me like 2-3 Tbsp. I use a light hand with the starch (type 2 diabetic), but I think of it in servings rather than grams: I usually add enough so that I get a little less than full serving of starch per meal, and I favor starches that take time to digest. Sometimes I don’t even measure them: if I’m using a jewel yam for the starch, I just pick a nice-sized yam and dice it into the grub.

My approach is pretty relaxed, but I do feel I know what I’m doing and the results bear me out. The bounce to 192.9 lbs after hitting goal was simply because I started indulging myself. That was more or less to see if I could get away with it, and I can’t, so I’m back to sensible eating. But I’m not obsessive, and I continue to enjoy the food.

Next batch I’m using Brussels sprouts for one of the greens, possibly spinach for the other. And for protein I have a pack of tempeh, but I’ll also cook some black beans (soaking now) and have black rice along with the beans: more protein. The usual onion, garlic, Serrano pepper, and a selection of vegetables (yellow squash, maybe some frozen corn, canned tomatoes). All of that added to the pot and cooked together. I don’t feel as though I’m in the grip of an ‘ism, I’m simply eating a mostly-plant-based diet with a focus on foods that I know are rich in nutrients and l0w in calories. Measurement and obsession seem quite remote.

There’s something missing in Steve’s analysis.

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2 August 2012 at 1:34 pm

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A peach of a shave

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A very fine shave today. One reason I like artisanal soapmakers is the great range of fragrances on offer, many more than found in mainstream commercial soaps. Peach shaving soap is a good example.

I used the Vie-Long chestnut horsehair brush to work up a good lather. Today the fully loaded brush was a little soap-heavy, but a driblet of water into the center of the brush, worked into the lather on my face, brought the lather to perfection.

The Gillette Toggle—an early and somewhat rare version of the Fat Boy, the silo doors opened and closed by a cam worked by a lever—did a fine job with a previously used Swedish Gillette blade: three passes, a dab of My Nik is Sealed on one tiny nick, and then a good splash of Thayers Peach Astringent. (Thayers astringents have about 10% alcohol; the toners are alcohol-free.) A very light fragrance that will fade before I leave the apartment.

Altogether a good start to the day.

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2 August 2012 at 8:03 am

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