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Arlington and SK9

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A very nice shave today, albeit with a blade change midway. The Whipped Dog silvertip with the ceramic handle worked up a fine lather from D.R. Harris Arlington shave soap—D.R. Harris really is a top-rate soap—and I began with a previously used Treet carbon-steel Black Beauty in the iKon razor—this one is a two-piece, in which the handle is attached to the base by a bearing ring so the handle can rotate independently, similar to the Pils. The Treet wasn’t really doing the job well, so I switched to a Personna 74 blade, which did quite well.

A smooth finish, a splash of Arlington aftershave, and I’m ready for another day.

The 6th edition of Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving is now available on Amazon, both as Kindle and paperback edition. The reader reviews have not yet been transferred. That apparently takes a few days.

Written by LeisureGuy

10 August 2012 at 7:41 am

Posted in Books, Shaving

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  1. 6th Edition is only showing as Kindle version here in the uk. Do you know the release date for the paperback edition?

    Tony The Blade

    11 August 2012 at 10:11 am

  2. I think it takes about a week to roll out through Europe. is still listing 5th edition as current, though I pulled the plug on it a week ago and it is unavailable. But I learned that follows its own path and is not so integrated as the other Amazons. I did email them and tell them that selling an out-of-print edition as current and not mentioning the new edition seemed dubious practice.

    On, the Kindle and paperback editions are still unlinked: that is, on the paperback page, it has the notice to “ask the publisher to publish this on Kindle” although it is in fact published on Kindle. Lots of little clean-up before the listings settle.

    I did notice that they severely trimmed the recommendations list (from 60 to 19), but it looks as though they simply dropped reader recommendations for editions before the 5th edition, which makes sense.


    11 August 2012 at 10:18 am

  3. And again, behind my sleeping back you were posting another shave I could truly appreciate. Another of my favorite blades (Treet) and my favorite soap -DRHarris. I’ve still yet to find a better lather. And the Treet blade is my second favorite blade. At 11PM, just reading about it makes me want to go upstairs for a shower and shave.

    Dan J

    18 August 2012 at 8:45 pm

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