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My usual shave this trip

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Another fine shave. I do now definitely see that I fall on the “explorer” side of the explorer/settler divide, with the former looking for any excuse to try something new while the latter seek any excuse to stick with what they have. I had an interesting (to me, at any rate) exchange on Wicked Edge with a man of the settler mindset who was annoyed by constant recommendations that he try a different shaving soap (he being a Williams devotee). He considered the suggestions to be a sign of trendiness and from a feeling of superiority and did not understand that it might simply be friendly sharing of discoveries.

As I attempted to explain the probable reasons for the recommendations (and discovered that his overriding criterion was that he be able to purchase his shaving soap in a local store, wherever he might be), it occurred to me that the population of Wicked Edge probably is heavily explorer, much more than in the population at large, since settlers would naturally prefer to stick with the shaving system they already have, which nowadays is predominantly multiblade cartridge and canned foam, whereas those with the explorer mindset would be attracted to trying something different—like DE shaving. So this guy, who seemed definitely of the settler mindset in shaving, is totally surrounded by explorers. No wonder he felt overwhelmed.

Of course, a settler in one area (shaving, for instance) might well be an aggressive explorer in another area (food, for example, always wanting to try something new). As it happens, I’m also a food explorer, but more of a settler in playing sports.

Written by LeisureGuy

21 September 2012 at 4:23 am

Posted in Daily life, Shaving

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