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New glasses from Zenni Optical

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I just got my new glasses from Zenni Optical. (Cool Tools review here.)

The glasses are very comfortable right out of the box. The  clip-on sunglass thing is no good, but it was just $3.95. Total cost was $52.75, including shipping—without the (optional) clip-ons, $48.80. Progressive lenses, anti-reflective coating, hydrophobic coating (makes them easier to clean and more likely to stay clean), spring-back temples (with spring in temple to keep it adjusted). I think they’re a bargain, though now I must relearn how to tilt my head for computer and book reading.

I took advantage of uploading a photo of me (taken with Photo Booth on my MacBook) so I could “try on” the various frames—i.e., see how they would look on me. I received a little device to simplify measuring the interpupilary distance, which one needs to place an order: after the fact for this order, but doubtless useful in the future. I just go the distance from my optician. They would probably send the device (a cardboard thingy) free if you ask.



Written by LeisureGuy

2 November 2012 at 4:44 pm

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  1. Thank you for spreading the word.

    I am presently wearing my sixth pair with third prescription since I started buying via internet from folks like Zenni, Optical4less, Eyebuydirect and the people who provided my beloved new-production Windsor frames, Zip Optical. The option of having two pair of current glasses, in addition to keeping the last script’s version around just in case, makes life so much easier. Especially when having to look for my glasses.

    A few minutes of browsing provides ideal advice for adjusting your mail-order glasses as well as any optician.

    With insurance I would have paid $340 locally for the cheap frames with progressive lenses before anti-reflective coating. I purchased “premium” frames with all of the above for $99.80

    Your PD is likely to change only when the shape of your skull changes. Any prescription or work order from a previous optician adventure will almost certainly be accurate.

    Stan W. Baker

    2 November 2012 at 5:26 pm

  2. Those Zenni Optical frames and lenses seem ideal for folks with little or no vision care coverage. My vision care plan suddenly dropped back to offering little more than a single annual exam. Fortunately, while it was still a decent benefit, I optained Nike titanium frames. My titanium frames have neither bent nor malfunctioned in over seven years, with three lense Rx changes.


    3 November 2012 at 1:59 pm

  3. I’ve used Zenni for my last four pairs of glasses. I’m proud of that I can get 4 pairs of quality glasses for the price of a single pair from my optometrist. I think I got MORE than I paid for!


    6 November 2012 at 7:39 pm

  4. I am really pleased with mine.


    6 November 2012 at 8:08 pm

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