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Two really excellent things

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One is the movie Rango, which I just watched again. It is chock full of tidbits for movie fans, with fleeting references to dozens of films.

UPDATE: I should add that the animation is stunning, with a certain number of shots made (I think) to display virtuosity: wind in feathers/hair, refraction through water, and so on. And the vocal characterizations are top notch, and no wonder: Johnny Depp, Bill Nighy, Ray Winstone, Ned Beatty, and so on.

The other is the Melange I made this evening: really spectacular.

First, cook 1 c hulled barley in 2 c water until done (about 45 min). No water should remain.

In the 6-qt pot:

3-4 Tbsp olive oil (2 of them were olive oil from the bottle of anchovies)
2 medium-large Spanish onions, chopped
Salt and freshly ground pepper

Sauté until onion is softening and starting to caramelize. Add:

1 can hickory-smoked Spam, diced
8 oz hickory-smoked tempeh, diced

Sauté for a while, then add:

12-15 cloves garlic, minced
1 c chopped celery
1 large red bell pepper, chopped
2 large carrots, diced
1 enormous zucchini, diced
1 bitter melon, diced
3 Japanese eggplant, diced
good dollop (~4 Tbsp) gochujang (from the Asian market trip)
1 bunch fresh enoki mushrooms, chopped

Sauté that for a while, then add

the cooked whole-grain barley
5 largish Roma tomatoes, diced
1 large Meyer lemon, diced whole
large handful dried black cloud ear mushrooms, chopped (I actually used shears)
5-6 large pieces wakame dried seaweed, chopped (shears here as well)
1 large bunch collards, stems minced, leaves chopped
2-3 Tbsp soy sauce
3-4 Tbsp sherry vinegar
1/4 c Amontillado sherry

Cover and simmer 30 minutes, then add:

2 thawed mackerel fillets, bones removed (with my special tweezers) but skin left on, and cut into large chunks (another prize from the Asian market)

Stir those in, cover, and simmer 5 minutes, turn off heat and let rest for 10 minutes.

I think that’s everything, but I’ll update if I remember anything I forgot.

Wonderfully delicious with wonderful textures. The mackerel is a VERY big winner.

Written by LeisureGuy

11 November 2012 at 6:56 pm

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