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BP accepts criminal liability in Gulf oil spill and 11 deaths; no one will go to prison

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Once again corporations show that they are the best protection money can buy for criminal misbehavior. From an email sent by the LA Times:

BP accepts criminal liability in gulf oil spill, will pay $4-billion fine

Energy giant BP has accepted criminal liability and will pay at least $4 billion in connection with the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, one of the nation’s worst environmental disasters.

In an announcement today from its London headquarters, BP confirmed an agreement with the U.S. Justice Department to resolve all federal criminal charges and all claims by the Securities and Exchange Commission against the company stemming from the events that began with the April 2010 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

As part of the agreement, BP said it has agreed to plead guilty to 11 felony counts of misconduct or neglect in connection with the 11 deaths caused by the rig’s explosion. It also agreed to plead guilty to other charges, including one felony count of obstruction of Congress. The agreement is subject to U.S. federal court approval.

Eleven men killed, and the company just writes a check. No one goes to prison. No company executive suffers any sanctions or punishment. Perfect immunity.

I think those responsible should serve prison terms.

UPDATE: I was wrong, and I’m glad to see that appropriate steps are being taken. From the NY Times story:

The Justice Department also filed criminal charges against three BP employees on Thursday.

The government charged the top BP officers aboard the drilling rig, Robert Kaluza and Donald Vidrine, with manslaughter in connection with each of the men who died, alleging that they were negligent in supervising tests before the well blowout and explosion that destroyed the rig.

Prosecutors also charged BP’s former vice president for exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, David Rainey, with obstruction of Congress and making false statements about the rate at which oil was spilling from the well.

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15 November 2012 at 9:06 am

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