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Better shave with RazoRock

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Last night I took a closer look a the RazoRock straight-bar three-piece head. It looks a lot like the Edwin Jagger head, which I like, but the blade angle/gap seems to be a tiny bit different: slightly straighter. I’m thinking that perhaps I was automatically using it as if it were an EJ head and that bad angle accounted for the harshness. A novice would not have the EJ pattern ingrained and probably would seek out the appropriate angle and grow used to it as the “natural” angle.

So today I decided to focus closely on keeping the angle shallow, shallower than I would with an EJ, and indeed the razor seemed not so harsh, though (for me) the head is not so comfortable, due, no doubt, to my own habits. Tomorrow I’ll use an EJ razor of similar weight and compare.

But first: Another totally wonderful lather from a soap with the Strop Shoppe original formula, worked up with my trusty Ecotools brush. I would love to have a really nice silvertip badger knot installed in this same handle: extremely comfortable handle. But the knot that’s in there now works a treat: very good lather and soft on the face. And I can switch to another brush if it’s resilience I want.

Once again I noticed the strong, non-slip quality of this razor’s handle. should consider also selling the handle separately. Some who have an EJ razor and like the head don’t like the handle because it’s smooth or because it’s short or both, and they could buy this handle to use with the EJ head for a good Frankenrazor. And again I note the very long threaded stud from the cap that secures the head quite well.

The razor held a Gillette 7 O’Clock SharpEdge blade, and the three passes went well. I do feel some aftereffects on the face—a trace of burn—but it’s better than the first shave.

Captain’s Choice Bay Rum for rainy day. A guy on Wicked Edge, who through the vagaries of YMMV, really hates the fragrance of bay rum and posted a question asking, more or less, “What do you guys who like bay rum like about it?” Well, obviously, the fragrance. I guess he just can’t believe that a fragrance that’s so off-putting to him could be the very thing that others find appealing. He did mention that he didn’t like cloves, so I suggested Captain’s Choice, which doesn’t use cloves.

Soon I’ll do the shopping for the braised turkey thighs.

Written by LeisureGuy

28 November 2012 at 8:48 am

Posted in Shaving

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