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Xmas gift idea: A (non-electronic) game

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Sounds like an intriguing game for 6 or more players (up to 30, the Cool Tools review says).

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18 December 2012 at 12:15 pm

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White Pardons Attorney should go to prison

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Deliberately contravening the responsibilities of his office, apparently for his own pleasure, deserves punishment of the harshest sort. Dafna Linzer reports in ProPublica:

The U.S. Pardon Attorney failed to accurately share key information with the White House regarding a federal inmate seeking a commutation, the Justice Department’s Inspector-General concluded today in adetailed 20-page report. The findings determined that in overseeing the case of Clarence Aaron, the pardons attorney, Ronald L. Rodgers, engaged in “conduct that fell substantially short of the high standards expected of Department of Justice employees and the duty he owed the President of the United States.”

The inspector-general’s office said it was referring its findings regarding Rodger’s conduct “to the Office of the Deputy Attorney General for a determination as to whether administrative action is appropriate.”

The report also recommended that Rodger’s office begin reviewing files to locate “other instances” similar to the Aaron’s case “to ensure that the information provided to the White House,” in clemency decisions accurately reflects the facts.

The Inspector-General’s office began looking into the Aaron case earlier this year in response to requests from Congress that came in the wake a story in May co-published by ProPublica and Washington Post. The story revealed that while Aaron had won crucial support for a commutation from the prosecutor’s office in Mobile, Ala., and the sentencing judge there, Rodgers, who opposed Aaron’s release, had failed to accurately convey the full extent of those views to the White House. Acting on Rodgers’ advice, President George W. Bush denied Aaron’s request for commutation in the final weeks of his presidency, on Dec. 23, 2008.

Kenneth Lee, who served as associate White House Counsel then,said that had he seen the actual views provided by the U.S. attorney in Mobile, and U.S. District Court Judge Charles Butler Jr., he would have recommended Aaron’s immediate release from prison four years ago.

Just after our story was published, Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., and Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., called on President Obama to direct an investigation into the handling of Aaron’s petition and to reconsider his request for clemency. Rep. Chaka Fattah, D-Penn., specifically requested an investigation by the Inspector-General, “in the wake of reports issued by the ProPublica and The Washington Post,” the report said.

Rodgers, a career civil servant and former military judge, took over the pardons office in 2008. Despite increasing scrutiny and calls for his resignation, he has remained in office. Under his leadership, denial recommendations have soared while actual pardons have been rarely granted.

Aaron’s story was part of a series by ProPublica, and co-published in The Washington Post, on the Office of the Pardon Attorney. The series, which included the first statistical analysis on pardon recommendations, found that white applicants are near four times as likely as minorities to be pardoned. . . .

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18 December 2012 at 11:39 am

5 points for gun control that respects the rights of hunters and hobbyists

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Jeff in comments pointed out this excellent post at MetaFilter, which includes five specific proposals for gun-control legislation:

Here’s a 5 point proposal that is simple, incremental, and respectful of hobbyists who spent thousands of dollars on murder/suicide machines instead of a bass boat or cruise on the Mediterranean or something.

1) Ban on the sale or manufacture of any magazine or clip larger than 6 rounds, for rifles and pistols. You can own them, you just can’t buy or sell them anymore. This is enough, as the Amok in America prefer to buy new equipment at retail prices.

2) Ban the manufacture or sale of any other repeating firearm with a capacity larger than four rounds. If you can’t take the turkey with four rounds, it wasn’t meant to be.

3) Limit the sale of ammunition. You can buy four rounds a week, heavily taxed, and after a month, can only buy more when you bring back the brass. For those who like to load their own ammo, this means they’re limited to 16 casings. This restriction is completely lifted for those shooting at registered and licensed gun ranges… shoot as much as you like. No taxes, either! Load as much as you like… so long as it stays at the range.

4) If you want to keep a gun at home, even a .22LR bolt action, a police officer will come to inspect how you’re keeping it twice a year, and you will pay the police for this service. If you’re being stupid about gun safety, you will be fined, and your license to own a gun revoked. If you want to keep a M2 heavy machine gun or any other firearm at the range… this is permitted, and cheaply. No tax, and the range deals with all of the inspections. Also, you need to pay a tax on the guns at home that covers the social cost of gun ownership in your community… no tax if you keep the gun at the range. The range needs to immediately report to the police if someone takes a gun off-site for any reason, legal or not.

5) Private gun sales need to be registered, just like auto sales. If you sell your gun to someone, and you don’t register the sale after a background check, you get to keep paying the gun tax on it, and when the cops show up to see how you’re storing it, and it’s not there, you will go to jail. If your gun was stolen and used in a crime, and you were negligent in its storage, you will go to jail, and be on the hook for civil damages.

These points allow enthusiasts to keep shooting and hunting, and the living to keep breathing.

I have just sent the above to my US Representative and both my US Senators, one of whom (Sen. Dianne Feinstein) is actively pursuing gun control. I hope that you will do the same. The five points would go a long way to establishing much better gun controls while not affecting hunters and hobbyists.

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18 December 2012 at 9:28 am

Speick shave, try 2

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STOD 18 Dec 2012

Yesterday’s “Speick” shave stick was actually an Erasmic shave stick. I wondered why the lather was only so-so—Erasmic is a mediocre soap, and Speick is excellent. A commenter made me look at it again, and I discover my Speick stick still on the shelf. So today is a true Speick shave, and it was quite an improvement, latherwise.

The Ecotools Bamboo Finishing Kabuki worked up a really fine, rich lather from the Speick. This little guy really is an excellent little shave brush, and the different feel (and low price) makes it a good addition to your collection: you extend the range of your brush experiences at little cost. The brush held plenty of lather for all three passes.

The razor is this inexpensive model from This is now my recommendation for a low-cost beginner kit. It’s a better razor than the Lord L6 at half the price, and it gave a very nice shave this morning with a Kai blade (the same blade that didn’t work so well in the Weber Polished Head model). Because the razor is very light, a sharp blade is a plus: makes the shave easier, and the relatively mild head works better with a sharp balde, I imagine.

BBS in three passes, a good splash of Speick aftershave, and I’m getting ready for the cleaning ladies.

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18 December 2012 at 9:09 am

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