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BBS once more—and AOS is not bad at all

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SOTD 1 Feb 2013

Art of Shaving old formulation (with tallow) is indeed a very good soap. With the Monarch two-band silvertip shown, it worked up a dynamite lather, very thick and nice—equivalent to the regular Strop Shoppe Baker Street with Tallow of day before yesterday, if not quite so good as yesterday’s Strop Shoppe Baker Street Special Edition with Tallow. And, of course, one must consider that AOS costs 5 times as much (per ounce) as the Strop Shoppe Special Edition soaps, even though AOS is not quite so good.

Withal, I got an extremely nice shave with the still-sharp Kai blade in my Silvertone razor, which is sold on Amazon also under the names Sodial ($2.25 with free shipping) and Concord ($10.95 Amazon Prime). The Silvertone is $6.32 Amazon Prime. At those prices one occasionally encounters a defective razor, but the one I got is fine and I increasingly like the very thin head, which helps a lot in shaving under the nose, for example. Not a bad beginner razor at all—but inspect it carefully if you get one.

Three passes to a BBS finish, and then a good splash of Savory Rose from Saint Charles Shave. Could Friday be better?

Written by LeisureGuy

1 January 2013 at 8:17 am

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