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Brent Ebony Brush

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SOTD 8 Jan 2013

Very fine shave once more, and I did enjoy using my Brent brush. You’ll perhaps recall in the last shave that the knot was tilted somewhat. Brent saw the post and emailed me to say that he would be happy to fix that: proactive customer service, which cannot be beat. I mailed the brush to him and got it back yesterday.

The handle was cold in the package from the weather here (and the mailbox is in an unheated hallway), and that, together with the density and imperceptibly fine grain of the ebony, it felt exactly as though the handle were metal. As the brush warmed to room temperature, the handle regained its character as an extraordinary dense wood.

The knot, now not tilted, so soft and pleasant on the face. Strop Shoppe’s Lemon Eucalyptus has a light and very pleasant fragrance, and with a new Astra Superior Platinum blade, I got a very nice shave indeed with my Gillette NEW of the short-toothed variant. Tomorrow I’ll use the long-toothed version to demonstrate the difference. The NEW was introduced in 1931, so it’s now 82 years old—and still going strong: a very nice razor.

Three passes and a tiny dab of Primalan, which has not only almond oil but also lanolin (so those with a sensitivity to lanolin should avoid it). It’s an excellent balm, and left my face feeling smooth and moisturized.

Boston Baked Beans are on the schedule for today.

Written by LeisureGuy

8 January 2013 at 9:05 am

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