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The Bourne Ultimatum (2005) vs. Now

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I just watched (again) The Bourne Ultimatum, getting ready for the upcoming release on DVD of The Bourne Legacy. Interesting: the plot hinges on a grave secret: the CIA is covertly running an assassination program that has killed some American citizens (6 in number). The Director of the CIA and the head of the program know that they must keep this secret at all costs, for if word gets out they will go to prison—but word does get out and at the end of the movie we see a Senate investigation in full swing.

Only in reality, of course, the assassination program is indeed run by the CIA but proudly espoused by our President, who picks the targets personally, and with no due process or trial—and, indeed, without any judicial review whatsoever, and without legislation authorizing it (that is, it is a program created and run entirely within the Executive branch, with no oversight or participation by the Judiciary or Legislative branches, done purely on presidentially assumed authority), and has acknowledge killing American citizens.

No outrage, no Senate investigation, no ability to get information on the program.

Quite a switch from the movie’s premise—but of course, that was 7 years ago. Back when George W. Bush was president. We have a new president now, one with special ideas of how the government works and how, if the president does it, it’s legal. The arguments that support and justify the program? Sorry. They’re secret. How American citizens are nominated and selected? Sorry. That’s secret.

Written by LeisureGuy

9 January 2013 at 3:49 pm

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