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Nancy Boy and the English Aristocrat

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SOTD 11 Jan 2013

The title sounds like a British novel of a certain period, doesn’t it? The shave was totally wonderful.

The brush in the photo is’s Prince Finest, a two-band silvertip, as you see. In fact, when the shave was at hand, I switched to the Prince Premium Silvertip, which is softer and which I found I prefer. They are the same price, $60, so just pick the one with the resilience you prefer.

I will note that I received the two Prince brushes as unsolicited gifts for review, and I liked them well enough to buy WSP’s two Monarch brushes ($75 at the time I bought them, $110 now): the two-band (again, somewhat stiffish like the two-band Prince) and the High Mountain White (three-band and soft). The Monarch HMW is currently one of my favorite brushes: a magnificent brush.

Nancy Boy has to be one of the best shaving creams around, albeit a non-lathering cream.  I use it thusly: I wet the brush well, shake it well, and twirl the tips in the cream, which coats them. Then I bring that to my (wet, washed) beard and spread the cream over the beard, brushing it well into the beard but not adding water or attempting to work up a lather (though I’ve done that in the past with no ill effects: it does seem to lather a bit). The brush then holds an ample quantity for the subsequent passes.

The English Aristocrat is a very smooth functioning razor, and with a Swedish Gillette blade I proceeded to get a BBS shave with no effort. I seem to have developed a feel for the Gillette head and find it totally trouble-free and superb in its action.

A rinse, dry, and a good splash of Klar Seifen Klassik, a very pleasant aftershave. And it’s Friday!

Written by LeisureGuy

11 January 2013 at 9:41 am

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