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The USA as a totalitarian society

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We’re getting there, little by little. Read this post—and watch the video—for a chilling glimpse of the authoritarian mindset that the TSA and FBI and local law enforcement have—and their unwillingness to admit error. I particularly did not like the extortion of dismissing the charges (totally bogus as they were) only if the pilot agreed not to sue the law-enforcement agencies for their misbehavior: no accountability at all.

UPDATE: I should point out that the aggressive (and to my mind, egregious) actions of DHS and the FBI are perfectly legal—indeed, they could have locked the pilot up indefinitely in a prison (a secret prison, if they chose) with no access to lawyers or due process. That’s allowable if they suspect him of terrorist inclinations, thanks to the PATRIOT Act, which the Senate recently continued with no discussion at all. In fact, it would be perfectly legal for Obama to have him killed on suspicion (a “signature strike”). Once dead, since he’s an adult male, the Obama administration would identify him as a militant: any adult male killed in a drone strike is ipso facto a militant—this is explicitly in accordance with the doctrine of the Obama Administration. When I say “perfectly legal”, I mean that Obama does it and it cannot be considered in court (just as the US kidnappings and torture of innocent people cannot be considered in court), because the Obama Administration uses the state-secrets loophole to keep these things out of court: no recourse for injured parties.

Written by LeisureGuy

11 January 2013 at 11:11 am

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