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SOTD 26 Jan 2013

Another superb shave. I really have found my groove. It took a few years, but by golly experience does pay off.

The soap is an experimental soap from a redditor, and today I used the Thäter brush. I hadn’t used either of my Thäter brushes lately, and I had forgotten what a nice brush it is. Some badger brushes are fluffy and soft—I think of my G.B. Kent BK4, Rooney Style 2 Finest, Wet Shaving Product Monarch HMW, and any of the Omega silvertips. These generate lather quickly and easily and have enormous capacity. Others, like the Wet Shaving Products Monarch 2-band silvertip and Chubby 1 Super, are stiff and dense: efficient lather generators but somewhat less capacity and (to me) not so pleasant feeling on my face. Then there are those like the Thäter, which are in between: not fluffy soft, but firm soft, with ample capacity and a pleasant feel on my face. The difference between this and the fluffy crowd is (for me) one of style, not pleasure: they are both highly pleasurable, but each type having its own feel.

I got a very good lather from the experimental soap, but when I returned for the second pass, all the lather had faded. I thought about returning to the soap, but in my disappointment, I chose to reload with a different soap.

Three passes with the English red-tipped Super Speed holding a Swedish Gillette blade, and I could tell it was going to be a beautiful shave. As I applied La Toja aftershave, I was mightily pleased—with the shave and the aftershave.

Now for the weekend, or, as the French so foppishly put it, “le weekend.”

Written by LeisureGuy

26 January 2013 at 8:41 am

Posted in Shaving

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