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Perfect BBS—and an intriguing fragrance

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SOTD 28 Jan 2013

What a shave! Totally perfect BBS throughout, with not a trace of irritation. But to begin at the beginning.

I’ve decided that Monday will be boar day—I tend to overlook my boar brushes, though they are in general good, so I decided that I would use a boar brush at least once a week. Today’s is the Omega shown, and though I got an excellent lather, by the third pass I had to refresh it. The problem for me with boar is a lack of capacity, though to some degree that can be blamed on the newness of the brush: it has not had time to break in. And of course a larger brush (e.g., the Omega Pro 48—model 10048) helps. Still, it’s not a serious problem: a quick swirl or two on the soap, and I had lather to finish.

The soap has an interesting fragrance: honey, a familiar fragrance that’s novel in the context. Quite nice, fact. And the lather was quite good—just the brush’s lack of capacity, I believe. I’ll try another Haslinger tomorrow with a badger brush and we’ll see how it goes.

The bakelite slant, with a new Astra Keramik Platinum blade, performed superbly. The previous blade really had overstayed its welcome, I now realize. The shave was easy, smooth, and comfortable throughout. The head design on this razor really is marvelous. I was practically BBS after two passes, but the ATG pass supplied the final polish. Having a two-day stubble doubtless helped, in some mysterious fashion.

A good splash from my sample bottle of Bulgarian Rose with Lemon aftershave from Saint Charles Shave, and I feel ready for the entire week.

Written by LeisureGuy

28 January 2013 at 9:58 am

Posted in Shaving

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  1. If you really like honey, Calani highland honey makes a wonderful interpretation. I think it is just lovely. Like the smell of walking through fresh blossoms.

    J Dogg

    28 January 2013 at 12:11 pm

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