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Palermo: A favorite

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SOTD 5 Feb 2013

Several favorites in this shave: The Omega Pro 48 (model 10048) is a favorite boar brush. Yesterday I used the Baby Pro—just like this, but on a smaller scale—but I really like the Daddy Pro: lots of capacity and a very nice feel on the face. Some find it too large for face lathering, but it suits me fine. This one is new so it’s not broken in, but it already feels good and had no problem bulding and holding a lot of lather.

I used a more economical technique with the shaving cream today: rather than use the brush to scoop up a little cream, I used my finger and just smeared a small amount of cream on my (wet, washed) beard. It doesn’t take much, and I got plenty of lather. I would guess I could fairly easily get 5 shaves from the sample.

Palermo is a shaving cream I’ve purchased in the tub. It’s extremely nice:

Palermo is a decisively masculine scent that opens on a delightfully refreshing and unconventional assortment of grassy green and light sweet notes. As it develops, it gains depth and support from some bolder herbaceous greens, very light spices, and soft woods. The resulting structure is so delicate, buoyant, and charming that it’s almost impossible to resist.

With a well-lathered beard, the shave itself was child’s play: the Edwin Jagger Lined Chrome razor with a Swedish Gillette blade of several uses delivered a smooth, easy, BBS shave in three passes.

A little drop of Hermès Eau d’Orange Verte finished the shave pleasantly, and here I sit, surreptitiously feeling my face.

Written by LeisureGuy

5 February 2013 at 9:14 am

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