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SOTD 6 Feb 2013

Today I used the only brush which resides in a stand. Somehow, this particular boar brush seems perfectly designed for its little stand and somehow I enjoy having it there. (There are some Mühle brushes similarly designed to fit their stands, and those stands would similarly be called into use if I had the brushes.)

The sample today is Saigon:

The lovely top notes that introduce Saigon are impossible to ignore, a juicy citrus carried on some soft tropical grass. Next to emerge are a spice and bitter notes reminiscent of green galbanum, which seem at first to align. A dark, earthy accord and a very potent note assert themselves to turn Saigon abruptly from herbal oriental to a deep woody-green scent.

The fragrance immediately struck me as fresh grass crushed underfoot beside a pond, with an earthy smell. That was before I read the description, just as I sniffed at the sample before applying it. I used my finger again to apply a small amount to my beard and it brushed up into a good lather. I estimate that a sample could last a week, so two months of shaves for the pack: not bad.

My red jasper Elite Razor with a Swedish Gillette blade did a terrific job. This is one with an Edwin Jagger head, and in three passes I was back to perfect smoothness. The Shave Den’s Coconut Verbena aftershave milk had a fitting fragrance for the tropical mood, and I arrive at midweek in fine condition.

Written by LeisureGuy

6 February 2013 at 9:23 am

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