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RazoRock TTO and RazoRock Razor Wrap-up

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SOTD 27 Apr 2013

Vetiver is simply great (for me). I had a tub, apparently lost in the Great Purge, of Cyril R. Salter’s French Vetiver shaving cream—a white tub, before the package redesign—that seemed to have a bit stronger vetiver fragrance than this current formulation, but still it’s quite good.

The Sabini ebony-handled brush worked up a great lather easily. This is quite a soft shaving cream (compared, say, to Tabula Rasa), so just twirling the tips of the damp brush (a brush that was thoroughly wet and then well shaken out) coats them with shaving cream. I then use the brush to work the cream into my beard all over, then start adding driblets of hot water to the center of the brush and working that into the developing lather. This morning, two good-sized driblets did the job.

This morning was my third RazoRock razor in a row: the TTO with a Swedish Gillette blade, following the open-comb three-piece and the solid-bar three-piece versions. Again, I got a very nice shave.

My current take on the RazoRock line is that it’s a good and economical choice for a first razor. I had some trouble at first use because the RazoRock razors seem to require a noticeably shallower blade angle—that is, with the handle closer to perpendicular—than the Edwin Jagger, for example. If you use too steep a blade angle, the razor naturally seems harsh (as any razor would), but if you use the correct angle—and for this razor that’s shallow—then it works fine. Three smooth passes, a nick through inattention on my upper lip (immediately staunched with Clubman’s Pinaud Dab-On styptic.

Then a good amount of Guerlain Vetiver as an aftershave, and I’m feeling good for the weekend.

Written by LeisureGuy

27 April 2013 at 9:29 am

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