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Perfect shave with a Pils

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SOTD 14 May 2013

For some reason—I think I got a few nicks—I fell out of the habit of using my stainless-steel Pils razor. (The gold color it the photo is due, not to lighting, but to my having it gold plated because I liked it so much.)  It has a heavy head with a slightly odd design: the alignment studs are on the (massive) baseplate rather than the cap, so you load the baseplate instead of (as with most razors) the cap. It’s a two-piece razor: the handle is attached to the baseplate with a roller bearing so the handle turns freely while the baseplate remains fixed.

But let’s begin at the beginning. I now understand that “soak” for shaving brushes is a term of art and really means only that you wet the knot thoroughly before you shower and let the wet brush stand beside the sink. It does not (necessarily) mean that the brush knot is submerged in water in a mug or sink. Simply wetting the brush is no problem, so I now “soak” my boar brushes in that way, and today decided to “soak” the horsehair Vie-Long brush. It did indeed make the brush softer—as soft as it is by the end of my usual shave with an unsoaked brush. So I think I’ll be “soaking” the horsehair crowd from now on—i.e., wetting the knot and letting it stand while I shower.

Tabula Rasa is a superb shaving cream, and the lather was fragrant, abundant, and effective. The Pils, with an Astra Superior Platinum blade, did a terrific job. Perhaps my skills have improved—well, no “perhaps” about it: the fact that my morning shave is now leisurely done in such a short time with such a high proportion of BBS results pretty much demonstrates that my skills continue improving over time. So now the Pils is great again, as it was in the beginning. I’ll be using it more often.

A splash of the Bulgari EDT as an aftershave, and I’m ready for the Big Event: getting Megs to vet for an overhaul.

Written by Leisureguy

14 May 2013 at 7:09 am

Posted in Shaving

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