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Great shave, odd finish

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SOTD 21 June 2013

Interesting shave. The Frank Shaving synthetic is not bad at all. Somewhat different character than the HJM, closer to Mühle silver-fiber, though I would say not quite so good. But it did work up a very good lather from Kell’s Original English Rose shaving soap, and the Maggard razor with a Kai blade easily produced a BBS result, though of course I’ve had some practice at this.

Douglas Smythe worked up a couple of oil-based concoctions and generously sent me to try. This version, A, I used today as an aftershave. It’s a soft dark-green paste with a light-green crust that you can easily break. The crust can be broken into small pieces to help distribute it through the dark-green paste.

My first thought is that this would be worth trying for a guy with very dry skin, particular in months of cold weather and dry air. On the first day of summer, it seemed less pleasing to me, but then I don’t have dry skin. I think it would work better as a pre-shave, and I’ll try it like that.

I don’t think having a separate crust, though, is going to work. I look forward to trying the other version, which I’ll do tomorrow, when I try this one as a pre-shave.

Written by LeisureGuy

21 June 2013 at 8:29 am

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