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Terry Childs: San Francisco’s Imprisoned FiberWAN Administrator

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Very interesting article. Timothy O’Brien writes about Terry Childs:

Is your SysAdmin “maniacal”? Does she or he have an almost religious devotion to security? I’ve worked with a number of system administrators throughout my career, some were great and some were just awful, but the thing I’ve learned to expect is that good system administrators are, by definition, somewhat maniacal when it comes to security. This is what you pay a system administrator for, and I wouldn’t trust a sysadmin who was nonchalant when it came to security policy.

Enter the Terry Childs news story… Childs is the System Admin in San Francisco accused of “hijacking” the City’s network. If you were watching local news, this would be the cue for an ominous graphic (see right) and some sinister music followed by this headline:

News at 10: Terry Childs is a Power-hungry, Maladjusted Maniac Bent on Holding San Francisco Hostage
…oh, and BTW, he was convicted of a felony twenty six years ago.

The mainstream media will have you believe that Terry Childs is a power-hungry maniac, a man bent on holding San Francisco hostage. He is something of a modern day saboteur, a terrorist, if you will, determined to disrupt the civil services of San Francisco. He’s a “rogue employee” who locked everyone out of the system. Here are just a few of the things written about this man from various news sources: From Times Online (UK): . . .

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24 June 2013 at 1:35 pm

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