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Snowden: US now using deprivation of Citizenship as a Weapon

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I think the government’s decision that Snowden is no longer a US Citizen is much too high-handed and authoritarian. They don’t do things like that to rich financiers who flee the country, for example. It seems a petty, vindictive, small-minded, and inappropriate action. All he did was to tell the American people how the government spies on its people, and he exposed some serious government lies. Of course the government is angry at being shown as a lying group of authoritarians—and unfortunately, their response is right in tune with the characterization. Juan Cole writes at Informed Comment:

Edward Snowden released a statement from Moscow on Monday, slamming Barack Obama for revoking his passport and rendering him stateless and unable to seek asylum even though Snowden has not been found guilty of any crime. (The US denies that revoking a passport is the same as deprivation of citizenship, but in this case it is hard to see the difference. The full statement is below. Snowden has applied for asylum to 15 countries.

In other news, Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa has said that Snowden cannot apply for asylum to that country unless he is already on Ecuadoran soil (thus underscoring Snowden’s point that depriving him of a passport is a means of keeping him from having the right to seek asylum.) Russia’sVladimir Putin said that Snowden would only be granted asylum in the Russian Federation if he ceases leaking US secrets and “harming our American partner.”

Glenn Greenwald pointed out on Twitter that Snowden turned over his material to The Guardian and that from here on out it isn’t Snowden who is leaking, it is The Guardian and its media partners.

Russian media may not be very free, but Russia Today reports on and discusses Snowden’s statement in a way that muzzled US media will not:

And here is the statement:

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3 July 2013 at 9:26 am

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