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That Rolling Stone cover

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I simply do not understand the outrage at all. It seems completely idiotic to me. I was interested to read Frank Rich’s reaction in New York:

Rolling Stone‘s latest cover, featuring a photograph of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has been widely condemned for making the Boston bomber look like a celebrity. Do you think there’s any validity to that claim?

None. Even by the standards of phony post-9/11 outrages, this one is idiotic. And if you don’t believe me that idiots are involved, do note that one blog that has made a cause of vilifying the Rolling Stone cover, Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy, cites as allies three members of the eighties boys band New Kids on the Block, Justin Bieber’s bodyguard, and James Van Der Beek, an actor who has otherwise been near-invisible since Dawson’s Creek was canceled a decade ago. (Can Charlie Sheen be far behind?) What are these idiots thinking? That because Tsarnaev looked like a cute dude and “a celebrity” (which he is, by the way, as is George Zimmerman), impressionable American kids will enlist with Al Qaeda? That publishing an article about the psyche of a mass murderer somehow dishonors those he murdered? The whole point of the piece is that Tsarnaev didn’t look or act like a terrorist in an FBI mug shot but was a “golden person” to those who knew him — “seamless, like a billiard ball,” in the words of his high-school wrestling coach in Cambridge. That’s how he got away with it even in our overweening surveillance state. How he fooled everyone is one thing of value we might learn if anything remotely positive is to come out of his and his brother’s horrific crime. No piece of journalism has shed more light on that question to date than this article by Janet Reitman, who was also the fearless author of the first major book to crack open Scientology. The more readers who are tempted to dig into this exemplary exercise in long-form journalism (11,000 words) by the Rolling Stone cover, the better. Those pandering politicians and merchants who are encouraging readers to shun the magazine or barring it altogether — Boston mayor Thomas Menino, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, the pharmacy chain CVS — are, as they used to say in the Bush era, on the side of the terrorists.

Written by Leisureguy

18 July 2013 at 2:38 pm

Posted in Media, Terrorism

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