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It’s not just Obama: his whole administration lies

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I’m getting sick of being lied to by my government. I don’t expect them to always take actions that I approve, but is it too much to ask that they stop the goddam lying? And brazen lies, to boot. Like this one reported in New York by Adam Martin:

This is awkward: One week after the Justice Department announced it was narrowing its targeting of reporters as it investigates leaks, one such reporter now faces prison after a court decided he should get no protection for using information the government says was leaked. James Risen, a New York Timesreporter whose book State of War used information the DOJ thinks he got from former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, must testify in Sterling’s criminal trial, a three-judge panel decided on Friday. If he refuses, as he’s said he will, he faces prison. Risen will probably appeal the decision, experts told the Times, so he won’t be heading off to the clink just yet. But as the DOJ continues to prosecute the case, the whole scenario makes you wonder how serious it is about protecting journalists from itself.

It doesn’t make me wonder: they have no intention of protecting journalists and will start to treat dissenting journalists just as they treat whistleblowers. As you can see from the Greenwald post earlier today, they don’t even believe that citizens should be allowed to speak when the government does not like what is being said.

Will the White House Press Corps bore in on this? No, Helen Thomas has died.

I do think Risen has been targeted as a person because he broke the first story about the vast illegal domestic surveillance under Bush. Bush is gone, but all those functionaries in the secret government (NSA, FBI, DOJ, et al.) are still there, and they obviously have a grudge, still angry that their illegal actions were brought to light (though of course no one suffered any penalties at all—not like Snowden, certainly, or even Thomas Drake—like the CIA torture squad: break the law and go free as a bird).

Written by LeisureGuy

20 July 2013 at 11:12 am

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