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Squash report

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Today was the sugar pie pumpkin. The seeds (roasted separately) were quite good, but the pumpkin itself was extremely bland—which is why, I suppose, one uses so much spice in pumpkin pie. The roasted skin was edible, but not so tender as the kabocha’s skin.

This one is too bland to be worth the trouble. Kabocha leads this batch. Now I have to try it against butternut and acorn.

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12 October 2013 at 10:53 am

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Success with Stirling

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SOTD 12 Oct 2013

Yesterday I read on Wicked_Edge about a success with Stirling shaving soap with the Ecotools Finishing Kabuki brush, so today I tried it. The Ecotools has always been uncommonly good at whipping up a nice, stiffish, creamy lather, and today it did the job nicely. I think part of its success is that the brush not dense, and with the soft bristles, one gets a lot of action in the knot while working up the lather.

At any rate, I got a very good lather, and it lasted well through all three passes. This was a good shave, and tomorrow I’m going to try a Mühle synthetic: it may be that synthetics do especially well with this soap. We’ll see.

Three passes with my Rotbart razor holding an Astra Superior Platinum blade, and a very fine shave indeed. A splash of Creed’s Aventus, and the weekend adventure begins.

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12 October 2013 at 7:26 am

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