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First-rate shave, great lather

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SOTD 17 Oct 2013

I decided to use my Edwin Jagger Synthetic brush today, and I happened to note that the knot looks identical to my Mühle Silverfiber—no big surprise, since EJ and Mühle cooperate in many ways. They developed the new razor head together, now used on both Edwin Jagger and Mühle razors, and their soaps and shaving creams seem to be identical.

As I looked at the knot, which is predominantly grey, I saw why the name “silverfiber”: “silver” sounds more upscale than “grey.” As a former marketing guy, I wonder whether the process they use to create synthetic bristles means that white bristles are not possible or perform worse than grey bristles. That would explain a marketing name to make a virtue of the color. Just speculation.

Certainly both brushes perform extremely well indeed. I was moved to haul out my tub of J.M.Fraser after reading this review on Wicked_Edge. In particular, I was curious about the lather. I don’t recall any problems at all in getting quite a fine lather from J.M. Fraser, and quite easily, and again this morning it worked well;: a good, thick, protective lather. I think the difference between my experience and the reviewer’s is that he uses a bowl to create lather, and apparently J.M. Fraser in a bowl doesn’t whip up into the creamy peaks he gets from other shaving creams. I, in contrast, lather directly on my beard, and in that context the lather works very well indeed.

Three passes of my English Gillette Aristocrat, Jr., holding a Trig blade. Very smooth result, no nicks, and a tiny dab of Hermès Eau d’Orange Verte finished the job with a nice moisturizing touch: it makes a great aftershave balm, but is best received as a gift: it’s somewhat expensive.

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17 October 2013 at 8:27 am

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