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I think the GOP missed the window on Obamacare

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The GOP fought Obamacare fiercely—how many votes in the House to defund it? lots—and continued to fight literally past the last minute, but 1 October came and the exchanges started to work—granted, at first with a thud, and then a stall, and then a lurch. But the Federal exchange is getting there, and the states who elected to run their own exchanges seem to be having relatively smooth start-ups. And in Kentucky, we have a (Democratic) governor pushing the program in a state that has a good-sized population that can use it, and he wisely accepted the expanded Medicaid, so these people will get actual, real, tangible, immediate help. This right in the heart of the conservative South—Mitch McConnell’s state, in fact. So if it works well there, it will be serving a demographic that most would consider a Red-state conservative group. And if those first users like it and pass the word along, the tsunami will begin.

Once a few stories are printed about how health insurance essentially changed/saved the lives of those who would not otherwise have health insurance, the show’s over. The media may not play it up, but word will quickly spread via email, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and the like. For one thing, those are good stories: heartwarming, and people like to read stories with a good ending. And the stories are informative: here’s what I did, and here’s how it saved me. And it becomes a call to action to those who didn’t realize about the subsidies and the like: the low-information participants. Those who will not even see government publicity/information pamphlets. They will listen to their friends.

That will take some time, of course, but the next hostage-taking will not be until after the holidays, in January, and that’s enough time for these stories to start making the rounds—and perhaps even enough time for the citizens of the states whose governors and legislatures deliberately rejected money that would have helped their low-income citizens to start to get angry (especially when they realize that their state actually paid more to take this course than it would have cost to implement the program).

The show’s over. They tried to kill it, missed the window, and now that ship has sailed. They are now doing dramatics to an empty house.

Written by Leisureguy

20 October 2013 at 3:36 pm

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