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Slant for smoothness

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SOTD 23 Oct 2013

More celebrations of the slant-bar razor recently posted on Wicked_Edge, including praise for the Merkur 37C. I have a 37G, as you see, and it is indeed an extremely good razor.

But first, the prep. You cannot tell from the label, but this is HowToGrowAMoustache’s Cavendish shaving soap, and I highly recommend it to any man who smokes or has smoked a pipe: it’s very like the aroma of a good pipe tobacco (as opposed to the overly sweet pipe tobaccos with cherry flavors and the like). A good aroma and, using my Frank Shaving synthetic brush, a good lather. The Frank Shaving synthetic is a fine synthetic, very like the EJ and Mühle silverfiber.

Three passes of the slant with a Gillette 7 O’Clock SharpEdge blade, and the result is comfort and smoothness. A good splash of Alt-Innsbruck to carry along the tobacco theme. I haven’t used Alt-Innsbruck for a while, and I do notice the menthol.

More on the Scent-Off. Here’s the schedule:

October 28 – Mystic Water
November 4 – Barrister & Mann
November 11 – How To Grow A Moustache
November 18 – Fitjar Soaps
November 25 – Petal Pushers
December 2 – Green Mountain

I’ll be using the shaving soap for three consecutive shaves, using in turn a badger, boar, and horse shaving brush. We are to rate the soaps on this scale:

  • Scent (up to 10 points): strength, duration, accuracy (does it smell like the artisan described it), spirit (does it capture the “seasonal” intent).
  • Performance (up to 10 points): lubrication, cushion, ease of lathering, lack of irritation
  • Presentation (up to 5 points): packaging, color, shape.

I probably will simply discuss each soap and send the point counts to Mantic59 for summarizing in Sharpologist.

So Monday is the kickoff. I’m intrigued. I’m holding off on trying the entries early: I’ll follow the schedule.


Written by Leisureguy

23 October 2013 at 7:58 am

Posted in Shaving

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