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Let the Scent-Off begin! Mystic Waters Indian Summer shave 1

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SOTD 24 Oct 2013

You can see the presentation: tub arrived in gift sack, along with card explaining the goals of the fragrance. (On the reverse were suggests for a good shave.)

Shave 1 is with a Vie-Long boar brush, one of my favorites. (This is the one named “Bombito”.) The fragrance is quite attractive and noticeable in both puck and lather. I got a very good lather, and the lather in the brush easily lasted the three passes I did.

I got a really excellent shave—BBS for the most part—with the Gillette Executive holding a newish Personna Lab Blue blade. The blade felt very effective, though of course the prep was a significant contributing factor.

I like the soap and the fragrance. I’ll also do the next two shaves with the same soap so I can get to know it better before finally evaluating it for the Sharpologist column. The dates, I now realize, are in effect deadlines by which Mantic59 needs our results. I was somehow thinking that the date marked the beginning of the week when I should use the soaps. No problem: I’ll be done with this one in time, and the others I can schedule a little earlier each week.

So this schedule is the posting schedule for Sharpologist, not me:

October 28 – Mystic Water
November 4 – Barrister & Mann
November 11 – How To Grow A Moustache
November 18 – Fitjar Soaps
November 25 – Petal Pushers
December 2 – Green Mountain

Written by Leisureguy

24 October 2013 at 10:06 am

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