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OSHA chief warns rules are ‘dangerously out of date’

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Maybe some year soon Congress will cease posturing and playing to the media and actually start to govern. (Yeah, right.) The Hill has an article by Julian Hattem that caught my eye. My father was killed in an industrial accident a couple of months before my 8th birthday. It obviously completely changed the course of my life, and the accident was unnecessary and with good practices would not have happened. A lot of people don’t like OSHA, particularly large businesses who don’t want to bother keeping workers safe (coal mines leap to mind, but it seems a lot of businesses are perfectly happy with putting their workers’ health and lives at risk—Bangladesh is merely more open about it). At any rate, I recommend the article:

Federal limits on the amount of hazardous chemicals that workers can be exposed to are decades out of date, the head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said on Thursday, and workers across the country could be at risk even if their employers are following the rules.

David Michaels said that it has become nearly impossible for the agency to update its chemical safety regulations, so it is urging companies to take action on their own.

The agency’s rules on what workers can be exposed to “are dangerously out of date, dating from the 1970s or even earlier, and do not adequately protect workers,” he told reporters.

“The complexity of OSHA’s current rulemaking process makes it extremely difficult for us to update our chemical safety standards and issue new standards in a reasonable period of time. We recognize this and are developing new ways to approach the problem of workplace exposure to hazardous substances,” he added. . .

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25 October 2013 at 10:19 am

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