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“Best healthcare in the world” – Not the US, for sure.

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However, the Affordable Care Act will help a lot once it’s up and running—and it will not only improve the nation’s health (because millions and millions will at last be able to get healthcare), it will save money. Look at the Congressional Budget Office calculations of Medicare and Medicaid costs over the past few years (Aug 2010, Aug 2011, Aug 2012, May 2013):


The chart is from a WaPo article by Sarah Kliff, which explains that this decline is probably structural, not cyclical.

But the US has a lot of catching up to do. I urge you to look at the charts in Sarah Kliff’s article comparing US healthcare expenditures and outcomes with those of other countries. We are doing a very poor job. Click that link and see.

I have an acquaintance who strongly opposes the Affordable Care Act, much less a universal single-payer system as used in more advanced countries, because providing healthcare to the poor will “create dependency.” Better that they die, apparently.

Written by LeisureGuy

21 November 2013 at 8:07 am

Posted in Government, Healthcare

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