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Education in the new US oligarchy

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Seeing the US proclaimed an oligarchy is no longer unusual, and the data support it. For example, when the oligarchs want a certain response to an issue and the public sentiment is strongly at odds, Congress does what the oligarchy wants.

And what is happening in higher education now makes some sense: humanities programs are cutting back, getting defunded, airbrushed out because, really, in the US as it is today, the oligarchs want good workers, people who will stay focused on the job and not wander much outside that. Certainly the last thing the oligarchs would want is for oi polloi to study and take seriously the liberal arts—the knowledge and skills to make a person free: liberated. The humanities, even if they do not always provide the answers, raise questions the oligarchs do not want to be asked—or even considered.

Once again I have to recommend Don Quixote, and this time the translation by Burton Raffel under the title Don Quijote.

Written by Leisureguy

17 May 2014 at 2:30 pm

Posted in Books

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