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Paul Krugman makes perfect sense on global warming, agreeing with the Chamber of Commerce figures

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Well worth reading—and worth asking, given their own figures, why the Chamber of Commerce is opposed to efforts to fight global warming—especially since the costs involved with it happening are horrendous. Answer: the Koch brothers.

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29 May 2014 at 7:15 pm

Kentucky Will Get Its Hemp Seeds

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The DEA is trying to go rogue. Although legislation was passed and signed into law to allow states that had authorized it to grow industrial hemp experimentally, that cuts no ice with the DEA, who—although industrial hemp is not a drug—believes that it can decide on such matters without regard to laws or evidence. So the DEA stopped shipment of 250 lbs of industrial hemp seed being sent from Italy (many nations, including Canada, grow industrial hemp, which is perfectly legal to import to the US—the DEA just refuses to allow industrial hemp to be grown in the US). The DEA did not have any legal basis for the action, but that doesn’t stop determined drug warriors.

The DEA really should be disbanded at this point.

Phillip Smith reports on this incident in Drug War Chronicles:

Kentucky agricultural officials told the Associated Press Thursday evening that the DEA had approved a permit allowing the state to import a 250-lb shipment of hemp seed to be used for research purposes. The DEA had originally balked at issuing the permit, only to be hit with a firestorm of criticism, including sharp words from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who just happens to be from Kentucky.

Although the omnibus farm bill passed earlier this year included an amendment allowing for research into hemp in states that had authorized it, which Kentucky has, the seeds imported from Italy were held up at a US Customs warehouse in Louisville. Kentucky sued the DEA last week over the issue after the agency refused to issue a permit.

But state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said late Thursday that the seeds would be released Friday and that the hemp could be in the ground as early as this weekend. Officials had worried that the DEA’s obstructionism would stall planting until it was too late in the season, a date they pegged at around June 1.

“There was no sense to this,” Comer said.

“This is a historic day,” he continued. “We’ve done something that no one thought we could do a year-and-a-half ago. We legalized industrial hemp and we’ve proven that it’s an agricultural crop and not a drug.”

A Justice Department spokeswoman told the AP that the DEA had indeed issued the permit Thursday. Justice, the DEA, and Customs were all named in the suit filed by the Kentucky Agriculture Department. Attorneys for the federal government and the state met with a federal judge Wednesday.

But that wasn’t the only meeting going on. Sen. McConnell sat down with DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart Wednesday to urge her to reconsider.

“It was the intent of my provision in the farm bill to allow states’ departments of agriculture and universities to explore the commercial use of industrial hemp as a means for job creation and economic development,” McConnell said. . . .

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29 May 2014 at 10:44 am

Miss Megs tests the recovered seat cushion

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It seems to be okay:

Megs on new seat cushion

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29 May 2014 at 9:03 am

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Terrific shave with Wilkinson Sword blade

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SOTD 29 May 2014


Great shave today. I brought out the Wilkinson Sword blades because of a comment on Wicked_Edge: “If you see anything with wilkinson sword written on it, save your face the bleeding/chance of scars and just put it in the trash now.” As it happens, Wilkinson Sword blades work extremely well for me. Despite how often one proclaims that blade performance is very much a matter of YMMV, that every single brand of blade has people who hate it and people who love it, that one should approach a blade sampler with no expectations and go by actual experience, and link to this post, some simply cannot believe that someone else’s experience can possibly differ from their own.

When the person quoted was told that Wilkinson blades were quite good for some and how a brand of blade is perceived varies from person to person, he responded, “You know, that is what people here on this sub like to perpetuate….. and I think it is utter bullshit.” Not very open to learning, you see. In his view, his experience must be a universal true guide.

And yet the evidence is quite clear. But evidence only works with those willing to consider it and open to changing their opinion. It’s an uphill battle, and not just on brands of blades: I give you climate change.

At any rate, the asses’ milk shaving soap continues to be excellent—and I’m always careful to replace the lid after use, something that this particular soap seems to require. I immediately got a wonderful lather, using the Wet Shaving Products Monarch brush.

The Wilkinson Sword blade in my Standard razor did a fine job, leaving my face BBS after three easy passes. A splash of Creed’s Aventus—well, enough sprays into the palm of my cupped hand until I had a splash’s worth—and I’m ready for the day, which begins with Miss Megs getting a pedicure.

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29 May 2014 at 9:02 am

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