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#102 with Utopia Care handle—and Maggard shaving soap

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SOTD 5 Nov 2014

An extremely nice shave today. Mr Pomp has no problems at all in getting a really fine lather from the Maggard shaving soap, which as you see is a coconut-oil soap. If you’re going to use a single oil, coconut oil strikes me as an excellent choice: thick, creamy, protective lather easily generated. This particular fragrance is light to my nose—but fragrances are enormously YMMV. I don’t really know the Fougère fragrance—I apparently have soaps that carry that fragrance, but it has yet to achieve a clear identity for me. I know this is my own olfactory failing, but other fragrances are much more clearly defined—rose, for example, is unmistakeable. But I could not pick Fougère out of a line-up if it mugged me in broad daylight.

I tried the Utopia Care handle with the #102 head, and indeed it does work great. The Utopia Care razor is $11, and typically a stainless handle will cost more than that. So with this handle and the #102 head, you have a very fine slant for $59—which is more than the $45 that the 37C costs, but not a lot more, and (for me) the #102 is more comfortable.

Again I can detect no difference in the cutting action or performance of this non-torqued slant and a torqued slant, but I shall continue. It might be that a guy with a thick, tough, coarse, wiry beard would detect a difference, but so far I don’t.

A good splash of the (extremely pleasant) D.R. Harris Pink After Shave—and despite the color, it is totally not a rose fragrance. I don’t know how to describe it, but I like it. It’s the sort of fragrance that would pair well with tweed jacket and regimental striped tie.

On a minor political note, I am surprised to see that Kansans want more of the same. Perhaps the appeal of what has happened in Brownback’s first term as governor is not visible to nonresidents.

Written by LeisureGuy

5 November 2014 at 9:40 am

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