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Wrapping up Slant Week with another BBS shave—and Mickey Lee soap is extemely good

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SOTD 8 Nov 2014

A marvelous shave—and today I did not a difference in the slant shave—more below.

First, let me praise Mickey Lee’s shaving soap, available through his new Web store, Mickey Lee Soapworks. It’s a superb soap, and we now have an embarrassment of riches with regard to artisanal shaving soaps: Maggard’s, Seifenglatt, Mickey Lee’s, Strop Shoppe, and the list continues. It’s very hard for me to understand why people would stick with Proraso Green or White when so many great soaps are readily available—but that, of course, is the nature of YMMV (though I suspect few of the Proraso aficionados have tried good alternatives such as the soaps listed).

The lather, as with other high-quality soaps, is immediate, rich, fragrant, and sustained: thick and creamy throughout the shave. The brush used today is the Wet Shaving Products Prince, but any good brush would love to play with this soap. I highly recommend the soap, all the more so since it is now sold in containers rather than merely as naked pucks. (I don’t care for naked pucks because I have to get a container and glue the label on the container.

The iKon DLC slant did a fine job, and finally I did notice a difference between this torqued slant and the other slants I’ve used this week, whether torqued or not. The DLC slant has quite a resonant sound, amplifying the slight noise of the blade cutting the stubble to highly audible levels—actually sort of pleasant. But so far as cutting action and efficiency: I really cannot detect any difference, and I would love to hear from any who have used both a torqued slant and one that’s not torqued—the latter being the plain humpback slant, like the iKon Shavecraft #102 or the Above the Tie slant (not yet released—but on order). I have heard from only one person who strongly maintains there’s a difference in performance and feel, but his testimony is somewhat weakened by the fact that he’s never tried a humpback slant and, according to him, never will try it since he already knows that it won’t perform so well as torqued slants. But I can’t detect the difference. Maybe you can.

Three passes with the razor, using a Personna Lab Blue blade, and no nicks: the zero pressure thing does seem to work.

A good splash of Pashana, and the weekend begins.

Written by LeisureGuy

8 November 2014 at 9:19 am

Posted in Shaving

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