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How the Stingray menaces smartphone users

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Radley Balko quotes a Slate article by Kate Klonick on  how Stingray technology is spreading to all police departments to enable them to spy on you. Do read the article: it is happening in the US now.

Balko himself notes:

At the moment, law enforcement officials are claiming that Stingray sweeps aren’t a “search,” and therefore don’t require a warrant. As Klonick points out, the courts will eventually sort that out.

More bothersome still are the revelations over the last year or so that federal officials are instructing local law enforcement officials to keep their use of Stingray technology secret, to the point of perjuring themselves by hiding that information from local judges and prosecutors. The justification is that the technology is used in national security investigations. So step one is to claim that use of the technology can’t be divulged due to national security. Step two is to authorize that technology to be used in investigations that have zero to do with national security. This is how you use national security to sink the Fourth Amendment. Or it’s at least one way.

You can see how a nation’s secret police (think Stasi, NKVD, Gestapo—though in the US we’ll have our own name: FBI, for example—and do read that essay on how the FBI works) start to grow and become established: secret surveillance, secret laws, secret courts, secret prisons: the US has all of those now. And I’m not even mentioning how the US police can now simply take your property if they want it: civil asset forfeiture. Just one example.

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Written by Leisureguy

11 November 2014 at 3:19 pm

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