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Interesting profile of Stephen Glass today

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First read the account of the man who discovered Glass’s fabrications and broke the story, and then read the profile of Glass today by a woman who was a close friend at the time.

BTW, Charles Lane seems like a total jerk, according the account in the first link. I commented on that story:

It seems to me that Glass simply has a deep-seated personality disorder of some sort that has left him irredeemably broken. But Lane is simpler: he seems to be a lazy jerk: unwilling to do his job (thus allowing Glass to get away with so much) and then unwilling to confront the problem, and then when it is unavoidable, doing his best to keep the guy who solved the problem from getting credit. I have run into this sort of scum fairly frequently during my work career: there seems to be at least one in every organization, and often more. They are the sort that go behind your back when they think that you are a threat, and they generally see anyone who is competent as a threat (because they know that they themselves are incompetent).


Written by Leisureguy

11 November 2014 at 3:52 pm

Posted in Media, Mental Health

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