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“I nearly died. So what?”: Sometimes one doesn’t feel up to manufacturing a redemption narrative.

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I found this column pretty cool, though I suspect it’s not going to be popular. E.g.,

Spoiler alert: I didn’t die. Nor did I have brain damage. I do have tinnitus and some very minor hearing loss. When I complained about this to my neurologist, he told me that I shouldn’t be complaining about anything, given the “miracle” of my survival.

Miracle is not a word you necessarily want to hear from your neurologist. With others I let it slide, especially with an evangelical Christian friend who’d enlisted her entire family, Bible study group and church congregation to pray for me. When I visited this friend a few months after I’d been sick, her husband asked me if surviving such a close call had made me think any differently about life or re-examine my agnostic ways. I stammered a nonsensical response and excused myself to use the bathroom.

I think I read that correctly: “We prayed for you. You got well. You owe us.” And what is owed is an anecdote about how one’s life is totally changed. I think it stems from the idea that adverse events somehow enable us to see life and fate more clearly: “Through suffering comes wisdom” sort of thing, now cough up the wisdom. It’s probably not in the playbook that one gets sick, gets well, and life goes on as before. 🙂

Written by LeisureGuy

15 November 2014 at 5:16 pm

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