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Interesting Israeli idea: Punish the parents of criminals

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I wonder if this will catch on in the US. Jodi Rudoren reports in the NY Times:

Moving ahead with a revival of a controversial policy suspended a decade ago, Israeli security forces early Wednesday demolished the East Jerusalem family home of a Palestinian man who plowed his car into pedestrians last month, killing a baby and a young woman.

Inas al-Shaloudy, the mother of the driver, Abdel Rahman al-Shaloudy, said border police officers arrived “in large numbers” on Wednesday at 1 a.m. and evacuated about 50 people from her five-story building and nearby structures. Huddled with the group in a protest tent, she said she heard an explosion at 4 a.m. and returned an hour later to find her apartment filled with broken glass, its inner walls destroyed, and those of her neighbors cracked.

“This is not only collective punishment, it is a call for a violent reaction,” said Ms. Shaloudy, 43, who teaches English.

Israel sealed or destroyed the homes this summer of four other Palestinians who killed Jews, and did so twice in 2009, after halting the widespread practice in 2005 when a commission found that it rarely worked as a deterrent and instead inflamed hostility.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel vowed to renew the policy as part of a wider crackdown following a wave of deadly attacks over the last month, the latest killing four worshipers and a police officer at a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday. . .

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Is Israel capable of not over-reacting? Destroying people’s homes—people who committed no crime other than being Palestinian—is not going to bring peace, but it is increasingly obvious that Israel is not interested in peace: it wants Palestinian lands, and it wants to get rid of the Palestinians.

I condemn the recent attacks by Palestinians—but in response to destroy the apartment of the man’s mother? What are they thinking? How is that just?

Maybe they think this sort of action will deter attacks. I would say it is more likely to encourage attacks.

UPDATE: OTOH, will Israel security forces will totally destroy the apartments of the mothers of the three Jews who burned a Palestinian boy alive? I somehow doubt it. In Israel, the line between Chosen People and Master Race grows increasingly blurred.

Written by LeisureGuy

19 November 2014 at 10:29 am

Posted in Mideast Conflict

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